Arabian Nights Island Cheats – Episode 2 – Lair of Thieves Walkthrough

Hey everyone! We finally are getting a new island on Poptropica today and it will be Episode 2 of the Arabian Nights Island! If you remember, on the first episode, we had found out that thieves were stealing stuff from a small town including a precious lamp from the Sultan. We had tracked them down to the entrance of their lair which was in the pond. Now its time to go in there!

Arabian Nights Island Episode 2 Cheats (2)

Arabian Nights – Lair of Thieves Cheats

When you first start the 2nd episode of this island, you will find yourself in the entrance of the lair. Make your way all the way down to rhe bottom and click through to the next section. Once you pass the as section, a short story will play where a guy puts a lamp on an alter and disappears. You then fall down and the thieves capture you!

Arabian Nights Island Episode 2 Cheats (1)

You will now be in a small cell with a locked door. To get it, look at the week spot in the stone above you and jump up to hit it two times. You will now need to push your bed over so that you can use it to jump up there! Once you get here, you will see a ball attached to a line which is attached to the wall. Push this ball down to where you just jumped up from! That will break the other wall!

Arabian Nights Island Episode 2 Cheats (3)

Now that you are free, you need to find a way out of here. Head right until you get to a new section entrance and enter it. You will now be in an area where you see a skull holding jewels. Head all the way right, staying on the bottom and jump on the chest you see in the image below.

Arabian Nights Island Episode 2 Cheats (6)

When the thieve above you turns and walks left, use the bird statue to jump up. Go to the right and sitting on the ground you will find a white robe. Now, just to the right you will see a skeleton sitting on a ledge. Jump to him and click on him. You will now have quicksilver. Now drop down to the ground and head right into a new section.

Hint or Cheat: If you get spotted by a guard, you will need to start all over!

Once you get to the new section, head right and you will see a barrel of oil, jump on the big barrel next to it and jump up to the rope hanging from the ceiling. Now you will see a thieve standing there, as soon as he says, “these lamps never hold enough oil” and then he turn to walk to the left, jump down and head right. Here, you will find gun powder on the top platform and a crafting table to make magic sand on the main level.

Arabian Nights Island Episode 2 Cheats (5)

Tip or Cheat: Remember where this is! We will need to come back here once we have everything to make our magic sand.

Now its time to put on the white rope you found. Once you do, you will instantly run past the guard behind you and grab something off of him. He catches you and takes you back to your cell. Now open your inventory and put on the black robe that is now in your possession! This will help us trick the guards.

From your cell, head right until you get to the first set of wood steps. Jump up one level and head left past a guard. Jump up another level and just to the right you will see something green on the floor. Pick it up! It’s Viper Skin!

Arabian Nights Island Lair of Thieves Walkthrough (1)

Now use those same steps to jump up to the next platform and head right going into the next section (same one we have been in already with the skeleton holding diamonds).

From this section, you need to head up to where you fell down from. When you get to the section, head up until you get to the bag of Borax and click on it!

Arabian Nights Island Lair of Thieves Walkthrough (2)

Now that we have all of the materials we need, head back to that crafting table we found earlier! We need to make some magic sand!

How to make magic sand in Arabian Nights Island – Lair of Thieves

To make magic sand all we need to do is follow the recipe.

  • 2 parts gunpowder
  • 3 parts quicksilver
  • 1 part viper skin
  • 2 parts borax

Please see the video if you are having trouble!

Once you have made the magic sand, the guard will catch you and throw is flaming lamp into the rook. Everything will blow up and your disguise will be gone!

Arabian Nights Island Lair of Thieves Walkthrough (3)

Now, to get out of this room, go into your inventory and equip the magic sand. Throw one at the loose stone you see and it will turn into quick sand. Go down there! Now we need to get caught again and go back to our cell. We need to break out the guy that was next to us!

Arabian Nights Episode 2 cheats (1)

To do this, we need to use the magic sand to drop a stone ball on the guards head and knock him out. We can then take the key and let our new friend out. Please see the video on how to do this! Once he is out, he will be the one to help you find the lamp that belongs to the sultan!

In the next area over, throw more magic sand at the loose stone you see all of the coins on! This will get rid of the thief in this room.

Now we need to find the lamp! It is the generic looking one that has no match! Once you find it, our new friend will take a fake lamp and sacrifice himself so that we can escape! Now we need to outrun the thief. Please see the video for this part!

Arabian Nights Episode 2 cheats (2)

Now you will get caught once more and have to place the lamp upon the statue! That will be the end of Arabian Nights Island Episode 2 – Lair of Thieves!

Arabian Nights Episode 2 end

It looks like Arabian Nights episode 3 will be us having to stop the forty thieves. I hoped my cheats walkthrough guide helped.