Poptropica Early Poptropica Island Cheats & Walkthrough

The very first island to ever come out on the Poptropica game was Early Poptropica Island. It’s a simple island that basically gets you used to the game! So without further explaining of the island, let’s jump into the Cheats Guide for the island!

Here is the video walkthrouh and below that you will find the written walkthrough!

Early Poptropica Island Cheats

When you first get to the island, you will need to head right to enter Early Poptropica the city. This is where the first people of Poptropica have settled.

If you talk to the second person you see, he will tell you that there are thieves around and they have stolen three of the town’s possessions! Let’s see if we cannot save this case.

Early Poptropica Thieves

The three possessions that have been stolen are a prize winning pig, the well water bucket, and the town flag! You will find this out if you talk to everyone which is never a bad idea! They usually tell you what you need to do or where you need to go.

Now that we know what is going on we need to go find it all. For starters, you need to go down the well right next to the guy that said the water bucket has been stolen.

In this area, we need to find a glow stick which we will use under ground to find the other objects later in the walkthrough. You need to go all the way to the left of where you dropped. The glow stick will be in the very top left corner of the well!

Early Poptropica Glow Stick

Once you have the glow stick, exit the well and go back to the left towards where we started. This is called Main Street. When you get here, you should see a hole in the ground (right below where we first dropped in). Go down that hole!

Early Island Spider Hole

Once you are down the hole, climb all the way to the bottom.

Island Hint: Watch out for the huge spider on the bottom, it will hurt you if you touch it!

When you get to the bottom, head right. In the corner you will find the prized pig! Click on it to pick it up.

Early Poptopica Prized Pig

Once you have the pig, go left. Go through the narrow passage and then you will come to a very dark room. Your glow stick will automatically come out so that you can see your way.

All the way to the left you will see a rope, climb up it. When you get to the top of that rope, head all the way to the right, past the next rope, until you get to a second rope. Climb that one!

Now head left to the next rope, climb that one and then go left again. Here you will find a golden egg which can be used to make a giant omelet!

Early Poptropica Golden Egg

Now head right, past the rope you just came up to the next rope. Climb that one to the top and go left. Climb the next rope you come to and then go to the top and head left again all the way to the wall. Climb the rope next to the wall and then head right. Climb the next rope you come to and you will come out a hole in the part of town called Poptropica Towers. This is past where we first landed on the island or what we call Main Street!

Island Cheat or Secret: If you walk to the right and talk to the balloon guy, and then click on a balloon, it will change the color of your skin!

Right above you, there should be a cloths line, jump to it and use that cloths line to get to the next! Now use the tops of the buildings, the window sills and the cloths lines to jump all the way to the left of Poptropica Towers and to the top of the furthest building. You will see a vine going up into the clouds. Climb it!

Early Poptropica Clouds

Once you get up here, head all the way to the right until you get to huge feet and a club. If it does not do it automatically for you, pull out your golden egg and give it to the giant. He will lift his club for you. Continue right. And after awhile, you will find the empty well bucket! Pick it up.

Now continue right through the next section. You will come to a plane stuck in the clouds. Use its propellers to get to the other side of the rocket stuck in the clouds. Here you will find a jetpack that will allow you to fly high!

Now head back all the way left towards where you picked up the bucket. Under the first vine you come to, there will be a giant shovel sticking into the clouds, use your jetpack to get over it and exit the clouds!

Early Poptropica Shovel

As soon as you exit the clouds, you will drop on top of a building where you will find the missing flag! Pick it up.

Early Poptropica Flag

The flag was the last item that was stolen! Now let’s head back to Early Poptropica and give all of the items back!

Once you give all of the items back, go right and you will see a ship with a guy on it. He will thank you for helping the town and give you the Early Poptropica Island Medallion as well as 50 Poptropica Credits!

Early Poptropica Medalion

That is it for the Early Poptropica Island Cheats Walkthrough Guide. How did it help!

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