Escape From Pelican Rock Island Cheats & Walkthrough

Poptropica’s Escape From Pelican Island is finally launched and it is time to get right to the cheats walkthrough guide! See below for a full written walkthrough.

Here is the video walkthrough for the newest Poptropica island! I know it is long but all necessary. I promise!

Poptropica Escape From Pelican Rock Island Walkthrough

When you first get to the island head left until you pass the Fruit Stand and a little scene will play out where a thief runs past you! You will then yell to everyone that you will catch him.


Now head right into the next section where you will see the thief running. Go ahead and follow him all the way up the hill until you get past the statue and find some money laying on the ground.


Oops. The thief has set you up! He is an exact twin of you and has tricked the police into thinking you were the thief! You are now heading to Pelican Rock Prison.


When you get to the prison cell grab the metal cup sitting on the ledge to your right. Now go to the faucet and turn it on. Fill up your metal cup with water! Then head to your bed, click on it, and get some sleep.


Hint or Cheat: When you wake up, you will go through your first day at Pelican Rock Prison!

Now that you are awake, it’s time for activities, when you are outside, go talk to everyone just to get a feel for who they are and what they have done. Once you have done this, the warden will come outside and talk to you. When one of the prisoners finds out who you are (Or who they think you are), they will say you set them up and the warden will put them in the hole!


After the warden talks to you, it’s time for work. You have to build license plates which you get gum for making! We will use this gum later. When you get into the license plate making shop, go left and talk to the guy there. He will ask you to get a drill bit from the guard. Go do so and then give it to him.

How to make licenses plates & turn in for gum on Escape From Pelican Rock Island

Now it is time to make some license plates. Head to the machine and follow the directions to make 3 license plates under the time limit. Once you have done this.


Head over to the guard and turn them in for 3 sticks of gum!

Tip or Cheats: Now it is time for your first meal in the prison!

Head left to one of the empty seats (middle table) with food in front of them and click on the food! You will realize that the food is terrible!


Someone will then say that the prison is crumbling and someone could probably dig their way out. Another prisoner states that all you need is something metal and he could probably help you if you gave him 3 sticks of gum. Go ahead and do this!

Once you do this, the prisoner will distract the guard and another guard will take over for him. Go to the new guard and ask for a spoon (even though you already have one).


Now head left and talk to the chef. He will tell you that only trained chefs are allowed in the kitchen. To get in here we need 3 eggs.

Tip or Cheat: I remember seeing a pelican laying on a nest in the activities yard. Could that be it?!

When you are done talking to the chef, head right and click on the farthest guard away. Tell him you are done eating! Head right which will bring you back to the prison cell. Now we need to sharpen this spoon to allow us to escape through the vent in our cell! My guess is that we can do this in the kitchen. We need to find those 3 eggs!

Head back to bed so that we can get back in the activity yard. Once you wake, make your way to the yard. Right in front of you, you will notice a patch of dirt that may be able to grow something. Interesting right?! For now, let’s leave that. Click on the prisoner that had the bird on his head. You will see him feeding the birds and the pelican from the ledge above will fly down. Also interesting!


Go to where the bird was sitting and grab the egg laying there! Once the bird comes back, go down and pick up the left over seeds.

Now go to the patch of dirt and plant the seeds you picked up. Then go ahead and water it with the cup of water you have from your cell! You will now notice that the plant still needs water. Head over to your right where the water is dripping, stand under it and take out your cup! It will get filled again.


Hint or Cheats: It looks like you can only water the plant once each day!

Now let’s leave the yard and go to work to get some more sticks of gum. We still need to get all of the prisoners files from our co-worker.

When you get to work. Grab another drill bit, just in case, and head to the big machine to make some license plates. This time, make 7 of them and the machine will over heat! When this happens. the guard will come to try and fix it.


Now head over to the grinder and use it. You will take out your spoon and the grinder will sharpen it! This is something we will be able to dig with.

How to chisel around the vent in Escape From Pelican Rock Island

Now leave this area, and go to lunch. No need to stop here. Return your spoon and head back to bed where we can begin to dig our way out. Click on the vent and use your mouse to chisel around it. Be careful. Only chisel while the guard is away or you will be caught!

When he is close, head back to bed and we can do the rest tomorrow! When you wake, head back out to the yard and go ahead and water your plant again. Also, click on the guy feeding the birds and when the bird flies down again, go get the 2nd egg! You can also click on your co-worker, give him 4 sticks of gum, and he will give you those files you were wanting!

Tip or cheats: The bird will move locations so be sure you see where he flies from!

Now it’s time to go back to your prison cell and chisel a little more. Once the guard is back, stop and go to bed and come back to the yard to water the plant again and get the last egg! When we get the third egg, we can then get into the kitchen which we will do as soon as we collect the plant. Once you have watered the plant 3 days in a row, it will turn into a sunflower and you can collect it! Go ahead and do this.

Before we leave the yard, go ahead and go talk to the guy painting. Ask him what else he would like to paint and he will say a flower! Now give him the flower we collected and he will give us a painting.

Now let’s head to lunch and see what we can’t find in the kitchen to help us! When you get into the cafeteria, head to the kitchen and talk to the chef. Give him the 3 eggs and you will now be his sou chef. Now that we are in the kitchen, head right and pick up one of the pasta noodles that looks like a drill bit! Also, we need to find a way to get chef to drop the mixer.

Let’s go back to our cell now and finish chiseling through the vent. Once we do this, we will find ourselves inside. Just to our left, there will be some white stuff on the ground. Take out your cup and pick some of this up! Now we need to get back to the kitchen. Once we are here, go all the way left to the big pot of potatoes. Take out the plaster and mix it with the potatoes. They will turn hard. The chef will run over and place them on the stool to your left. Once he does, click on it and chisel a head!

Hint or Cheat: We now need to color this head to match us! Where else to do this except for the painter we know!

Head out to the yard now and go talk to the painter. First, go ahead and give him the noodle to paint silver. It will cost you some gum! He can only do one thing a night so let’s come back and give him the head tomorrow. In the mean time, lets go get some more gum if you need it! Otherwise make your way back to the yard when you can.

Once you are back in the yard, go ahead and grab the noodle and give the painter the head. Now let’s go back to our cell and then back to the yard to grab the head that he painted! Now it is time to get to your cell again and do some exploring!

When you get to your cell, place the painted head in your bed. Now head into the vent and into the Metal Shop Corridor which is on the left side. Once here, we need to get the vents turned in the correct position so that the steam goes right over the guard in the metal shop! This will fog his glasses and give us the ability top turn in the noodle as the drill bit allowing us to keep the drill bit!

Now head over the other side, above the mess hall, and make the vents point to the 3rd table! This is the farthest one on the right.

Tip or Cheats: Please watch the video walkthrough guide of Escape From Pelican Rock Island to see how to do this!

Now it is time to go get the drill bit. Get some sleep and leave the yard right when you get there to end up at work. Once here grab a drill bit from the guard and then head to the license plate machine. Over heat it again! The guard will come over and then go back to his desk and turn the vent on. Now, take out your noodle and give it to the guard!

Now let’s head to the kitchen. Once here, go turn on the vent all the way to the left and then start stirring the potatoes! To turn on the vent hit the green button.

When you do this, potatoes will go from the vent onto one of the prisoners heads. This will start a food fight! This will make the chef go try to help losing his mixer in the process! Now, head to your right and grab the mixer from the ground! After all of this happens, you will be in lock down which means you will be in your cell.

Once in your cell. Head into the vent and go above the mess hall. Head all the way to the right and click on the thing there! You will use the mixer and the drill bit to unscrew the opening and you will then land in the yard. A little scene will play and you will be back in your cell.

Head back to the mess hall corridor and try escaping again. The twins will show up and go ahead of you to get the rafts ready. You will go up the pipe landing you on the roof. Now all we need to do is use the vent escapes as protection from the lights as we make our way to the right! Also, when you get to the windows, do not cross the window opening when someone is behind it! You will be caught.

Please see the video if you are having trouble here!

Once you have escaped, there will be a little cut scene and then you will appear in front of Kurt’s Fish Warehouse. Use the warehouse to get to the top. Once you exit the warehouse, walk all the way left using the electric wire.

Cheats or hints: Do not jump! The guard above you will see you and you will need to start over!

Once all the way to the left, use the rocks to continue up the hill and then the tree branches when you get high enough. Once you get to the statue, you will see a trash can on your right. Push that trash can over to the statue and use it to jump on the statue and then over to the right on the ledges you see leading to the top of the tower!

Once you get to the top of the tower you will notice the middle window is not the same as it was when it was painted by your fellow prisoner!

Take out your chisel and you will find a safe! Now watch the cut scene and when you get to the part where you have to open the safe, use the numbers, 6, 4, and 0! That will be it and you will get the medallion for Poptropica’s Escape From Pelican Rock Island!

Escape From Pelican Rock Island Cheats & Walkthrough

Update: So our thoughts were right about the next Poptropica Island: Escape From Pelican Island. We will be stuck in a prison for crimes that we did not commit and will have to put together a plan to escape! Below is the official Poptropica Video Trailer of the new island!

Escape from pelican island cheats (1)

Poptropica has announced the next island that they will be launching and it is called Escape From Pelican Rock Island!

Escape from pelicon island cheats

We do not yet know a lot about this island because Poptropica has not released anything on it yet! However, some people are speculating that you are going to get captured and ultimately placed into a prison that you are going to need to escape from. Once outside that prison, we will most likely have to find a way off of the island as well!

Escape from pelican island cheats (2)

This adventure seems like it may be pretty challenging and we at Poptropica Guru hope it will be! Do you have any ideas as to what this island might actually be about? Until Poptropica releases more we are only left to guess. There is one thing you can be confident of though! Poptropica Guru will be there as soon as this island opens to give you the latest Escape From Pelican Rock Island Cheats and Walkthrough!