Games Like Poptropica – Free for 2016

Are you looking for free online games that are similar to Poptropica? Once you have done all of the islands on Poptropica, it gets pretty repetitive until a new island is released! For that reason, I have a bunch of other games that I like to play just to keep myself busy.

This does not mean that I like them better than Poptropica! Poptropica will always be my number 1 game. But when I am bored and have done everything I possibly can on the game already, these are the other free online games that I like to play.

Free Games Like Poptropica

Animal Jam

Game like Poptropica animal jam

Animal Jam is a great online game that can be played completely free. It is a virtual world where you play the role of an animal of your choice. It’s really an online playground where you can learn about the wild and its inhabitants while having fun with your friends.

Play Animal Jam Here!

There are a ton of fun missions to go on where you have to sneak through high prairie grass and make your way through dark scary caves without being detected. There are also mini games you can play to earn gems which are used to purchase different items in the store.

Animal Jam is my favorite game that is quite like Poptropica and is actually owned and operated by National Geographic. This means it is safe and will always be fun!

Club Penguin

Game Like Poptropica

Club Penguin is my second favorite game that is completely free to play online and is pretty similar to Poptropica. This game is actually owned and operated by Disney! If there is one company that knows what kids like when it comes to games, this is the one!

Play Club Penguin Here!

Club Penguin has been around for a very long time and may in fact be the most popular online game for kids are age these days. Basically, you play the role of a penguin and can check out different parts of the online world while hanging with friends, playing mini games such as tube sled racing, and even go on secret missions.

There are also usually always special holiday events that you can participate in where you can win a bunch of fun stuff and become a very well known penguin within the game.

That’s all I would like to share for now for games like Poptropica. I will be adding to this list over time so please keep coming back to check out the new games on the market!

Most of the games that I am going to list above are just virtual world games with different side missions and mini games that you can play. I have never truly found a game that offers exactly what Poptropica does!