Mission Atlantis Island Cheats – Episode 3 – Out of the Blue

The Mission Atlantis Island, Episode 3, Out of the Blue, is tough to write a walkthrough for. It’s a lot easier to show you a video walkthrough! So below, I have gone ahead and put together both a video and a small part of a written walkthrough the best I could. I hope it helps you get through the Out of the Blue Mission!

Poptropica’s Mission Atlantis Island Episode 3 Cheats

When you first get to Episode 3 of Mission Atlantis Island, you will appear in front of the huge door you opened in Episode 1. Go to your right and enter the next section going through the ad section.

When you get to this section, there will be a green button you need to push just to your right. When you push it, a green circle object will appear.

Now you need to push this object all the way up and around to the other side where you will see another green object. Place the object you are pushing into the new green object you see! This will turn on all of the power!

Mission Atlantis Cheats

Once the power is on, go ahead and press the red button above you to open the gate on your left. Now head left and leave this section the way you came on.

When you enter the next section, lights will start to turn on and you will wonder what is in the tanks! You will see a bunch of huge fish trapped in the tanks.

Mission Atlantis Cheats (2)

Continue down and head to the section to your left. In the next area, go up just a bit and you will see a red button. Press it and the green gate on the left will open. Now go in there and press the green button. This will give you another green circle object. We need to push this just like we did in the section above to a certain spot.

For the rest of the walkthrough, please see the video! It is tough to have a written walkthrough for this episode of Mission Atlantis!