Mocktropica Island Walkthrough & Cheats – How To Beat It

Are you looking for the Mocktropica Walkthrough or how to beat Mocktropica island within Poptropica? Get ready because in this island, your mission is to save Poptropica itself as it seems to be falling apart at the seems. Look below for the full walkthrough guide!

Poptropica Mocktropica Island Walkthrough

When you first get to the island, talk to lady just to your right and choose the third option when speaking with her. Once you have talked to her, enter the Poptropica Worldwide headquarters and talk to the guy just to your left. Also select the third option here. After he is done talking, go ahead and grab a piece of the cake he offers you. It will be on the table to your right.

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Now head to your right and enter the elevator. Go up and talk to the man with the hard hat who is all the way to the left on the second floor (The Safety Inspector). Ask him what he is working on. After he answers you, let’s go up to the next floor using the elevator. Talk to the lady with the glasses and ask what she is working on. When she is done showing you what she has been doing, use the elevator to go up to the next floor. Talk to the lady with orange hair and select the third option when it appears.

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She is going to show you a new story generator that they had made. Pull on the lever of the slot machine looking thing when you can and you will get a piece of paper with some writing on it. After you get this, go back down to the ground floor and talk to the lady to your left.

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Hints or Cheats: She is going to unlock the basement for you!

When you enter the basement, head to the bottom and talk to all 4 of the people. Once you do this, you will be prompted to say something. Select the last option again. You will then receive 3 badges of individuals we need to find on Mocktropica Island!

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Before we leave this room, click on the left most computer. From the home screen, click on the “Island Maker Pro Home Edition” icon, select the mood from “Grumpy” to “Happy”, and then click “save and quit”.

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Now click on the computer to your right and click the “Yes” button to resume what the other individual was doing. Then click “save and quit”.

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Now we can leave the basement and head out the main door. Head to your left and talk to the guy with the blue hat on and the pet. Once done talking, follow him all the way to the right into the next section. You need to make your way to Grunwald’s Cheese Factory and enter the building. Head to your right and up to the second floor using the shelves.

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Once up here, go to your right and talk to the employee. Ask him is there is anything you can do to get him back. This is the third option from the drop down of things to ask him!

He will tell you he likes his job. Now just try to leave and the man will give you a free box of cheese curds! We will need this for later!

Now head out of the Cheese Factory and go to your left into the next section. Head all the way left until you get to the boy with the blue hat again. He will tell you that the pets are driving him insane. Open up your inventory and take out the cheese curds. Press the space bar to feed them once. Now follow the boy all the way to the left. If he does not go on his own, just go left into the next section!

When you get to the Safety Inspector, walk to the edge of the cliff and throw a cheese curd over the edge. The little pets will follow that cheese curd off the edge of the cliff.

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Cheats or Hints: You will see that the pets start to stack on top of one another and you can now make your way over to Mt. Funshine!

Now you need to head all the way to the left and then use the rocks to climb the mountain towards the Jardine Juniper Tree. After a while, you will run into a guy with a beard and an ice pick. Tell him you are sorry that he cannot complete his climb. He will say he is done climbing and leave. But not before he drops is climbing axe. Pick the axe up and then drop down to the bottom of the mountain.

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Head to your right into the next section until you run into the scientist again. When prompted, select the third option.

Now continue right until you get to Worldwide Headquarters and enter the building. Once in here, head down into the basement and mess with the environment a bit. Click on the third computer (The 2nd one that is facing you), and then click on the Island Maker Pro Home Edition Icon. Change the time from day to night and save your changes.

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Now leave the HQ building and head to your left talking to the shady man dressed in dark blue with sunglasses. Select the third option when prompted. He will give you some counterfeit money!

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Now head to your right into the next section and the scientist will make you give him some money to access it. Give him some of that money you just received and then head right into the next section all the way to the Cheese Factory. Enter the factory and head to the second floor. Just on your right you will see a danger sign with a climbing axe icon. So take out your climbing axe and use it on the machine. This will break the machine!

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Once the Cheese Factory has blown, the man you talked to earlier will go back to work at HQ! That is one badge down. Now we need to find the next guy. Before leaving HQ, click on the same computer from earlier and change the time from night to day. Also change the weather from rainy to clear. Save your changes once you have done this. Now leave HQ and head all the way left back to that mountain.

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Head up the mountain towards the Jardine Juniper Tree again. You will now be able to climb all the up the mountain rather than being caught at a dead end half way through. So continue to the top of the mountain using the rocks and vines.

When you get to the top, you will discover a ski lift. A few guys will jump off the ski lift and talk to you. Now jump just up to your left and talk to the man with the really long beard. Click on the third option when talking to him. He will then challenge you to a game of mancala.

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Hints or Cheats: If you need help, simply watch the video. However, your goal in this game is to keep as many rocks on your side as possible! Every game is not the same.

Once you beat him, he will go back to HQ with you! Before you leave HQ again, click on the last computer on the right and make sure the icons are in the right order. The only change you should have to make is place the third icon from the left into the second position! Should be the car, the building, the balloon, and then the taller building!

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Now leave the HQ and head to your right all the way to the Ephraim University. Enter it and go to your right. It will start a dialog. Just wait for it to be done and the professor will then talk to you. He will give you a piece of paper with an ad floating around on it. Click on the ad a bunch of times and it will set the paper on fire!

Now exit the University and go back to HQ. You will run into the scientist again but just continue on after selecting the third option when prompted. Now we need to get to the top of the HQ building (From the outside). Use the HQ doors to jump over to the restaurant. Then pump over to the balloon and use that to get to the top of the restaurant. Use that to get to the top of the HQ building.

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Here you will find a soda pop bottle. Pick it up! Once you do this, the safety inspector will show up, her will give you a huge helmet. Now jump down off the building and head to your right. Talk to the scientist and ask him if you can help. He will ask you to get rid of the soda pop crate. Now head back into HQ and go into the basement again.

Once here, click on the first computer you come to. Click on the crate and smash it. Then click save! Now head out of HQ and head back to the right past where the crate was. Run into the University and give the professor the soda pop. He will say he does not want to return to HQ because he thinks the nightmares will return.

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Once you are done talking to the professor, head back to HQ and go into the basement again. A dialog will start. When it’s over, go to the left and click on the suitcases bumping around. There will be a man behind them. Talk to him and select the third option when prompted. Next, open up your inventory and use the cake. He will then get out of the way!

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Once he gets out of the way, click on the trash can and move some of the trash out of the way and find the Zomberry Island script. Exit off of the script if it does not do this automatically and the script will then be dropped into your inventory. Now leave HQ and head to your right all the way to the University. Give the professor the script my simply clicking on him. Now, head back to HQ.

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Cheats or Hints: You will notice an add bouncing around the screen. We will get rid of that in a bit!

When you get to HQ, take the elevator up to the third floor. Head left and talk to the lady. Give her some of the counterfeit coins.

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Now the ad will disappear! Head back down to the main floor and head left. Talk to the lady in front of the door. She will tell you that she eliminated the servers.

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Now head back down into the basement of HQ. You will now see the Poptropica loading screen. Jump into your inventory and put that ridiculous looking hat back on! Once the hat is on, go jump under the Poptropica logo and destroy all of the letters!

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Once all of the letters are destroyed, you will come to a little mini game where you have to re-direct four different power flows to fix the server. Please watch the video walkthrough on how to do this as it is kind of complicated.

Hints or Cheats: There is a little map on the bottom level that will help you!

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How To Beat Mocktropica Island

Once you have fixed the server, you will be outside talking to a lady with yellow hair. There will now be a dialog and a little cut scene. After the cut scene there will be another little mini game we have to play. There will be a mega bot flying in front of you and all you have to do is use your mouse to throw coins at him and dodge when he throws rocks or his fists at you!

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When you have beaten the final boss, keep throwing coins at the achievement that pops up or you cannot complete the island! Mocktropica Island will now be completed!

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I hope this cheats walkthrough guide of Mocktropica island helped you beat it! Please connect with me via social media for more Poptropica Island Walkthroughs!