Arabian Nights Island Cheats & Walkthrough – Episode 1 – How Bazaar

Poptropica Arabian Nights Island is here! Check below for your video and written walkthrough guides.

Poptropica Arabain Nights Island Cheats

To start this island, you will need to head all the way to the right until you get to what the towns people call “the caves”. This is where you are going to find the 40 thieves who have been stealing everything from the towns people.

When you get to the caves, you will see a “Danger Keep Out” sign!

Poptropica Arabian Nights Island Walkthrough

Go past this sign staying on the top most cave path.

Cheat or Hint: Watch out for the scorpions on the ground of the caves! They will hurt you.

Now, when you get to the first quick sand on the top path of the cave, drop down, go to your right and you should see a wooden box, push this box to your right until it drops and then push it all the way to the right again, jump on top of it and then jump up again.

Poptropica Arabian Nights Cheats (2)

You will see another path to the right the leads you to another section of the cave. go in it!

When you get into this section, you will see ladders on both sides of you. You need to get onto the ladder on the left. To do this, you need to jump all the way down to the right, go up the ladder on the right and push the box down that you see.

When it drops, push it all the way to the right and then use it to get to the next platform of rocks. You will see another box. Push this box off to the right and then all the way to the right again. You will use this to get onto the ladder on the left!

Poptropica Arabian Nights IslandCave Ladder

Now climb the ladder all the way to the top. When you get to the top, click on the rope which will drop down. In case you fall you can use this to get back up! You will also use it to climb down to the main area when you are ready.

Now, you should see a box to your right just on the other side of the rope. Push this down and then push it all the way to your right again. Use it to jump up to the next platform. Now go all the way to your right.

Cheat or Hint: Watch out for the quick sand here. If you drop, you will need to make your way all the way back up.

When you get all the way to the right, you will see a skeleton with a bag of salt. Grab it!

Poptropica Arabian Nights Island Skeleton

Now that you have the salt, we need to go to the guy in the picture below and trade with him.

Poptropica Arabian Nights Trade Salt

He will give you a bag of grain for your bag of salt. Once you have the grain, you need to go to the woman below, which is just to your right, and trade with her!

Poptropica Arabian Nights Trade Grain

Trade both the Grain and the Salt which will give you a lamp and some cloth. Once you have these, you need to go back to the other guy and trade with him again. You will want to trade the cloth with him. He will give you the spy glass which is what we need!

Now go back to the woman and trade her again for some more cloth! We will need this for later.

Now we need to take the spyglass to the woman in the picture below and place it on the stand! She is just to the right of the woman we traded with.

Poptropica Arabian Nights light tower

Now it is time to look through the spyglass! This shows us where we need to go next. Go talk to the guy there and tell him “sounds like the thieves are pretty bold”. He will then tell you to set something valuable on the stone and the thieves will take it!

Click on the stone and select your cloth. This will place the cloth on the stone.

Poptropica Arabian Nights Island Cloth Steal

Now let’s go back to the spyglass and look at the stone we put the cloth on to wait for the thieves to steal it! Pan to your right a little and you will see two thieves dressed in black! They will then steal the cloth but leave something behind. Go see what it is!

looks like they use smoke bombs to steal things! Now its time to head to the palace which is all the way to the left. I think we are going to need to use this smoke bomb!

Poptropica Arabian Nights Island Palace

When you get to the palace, jump on the platforms until you get like I am in the image above. Now equip your smoke bombs! You will need to wait until the guards go right next to each other when they are talking and then throw one bomb to get them both!

When you have stunned them both, enter the palace!

Poptropica Arabian Nights Island Smoke Bombs

Now head to your left and talk to the sultan! Ask him “You Mean You’re Broke?” and he will tell you that the thieves took a precious lamp from him. Ask him how you can get it and he will say he does not know but take this precious jewel to try and trade for it!

Now it is time to go to one last guy and make a trade. Exit the palace and head right until you get to the guy in the image below.

Poptropica Arabian Nights Trade Jewel

Trade this man the jewel for a pearl. Now take this pearl to the woman we traded with earlier. She will give you an ivory camel for it!

Now take the camel back to the guy that we just traded the jewel with. He will trade you the camel for a camel bridle.

Now take out the camel bridle and use it on the camel. You will now have control of him and he will follow you almost anywhere!

Take him all the way to the stone where we set our cloth. Click on the stone and the camel will stay.

Poptropica Arabian Nights Island Camel

Now head back to the spyglass. Now pan to your right and you will see another thief trying to steal your camel. He will take the camel to the pond and something will happen! It looks like their hideout. I think its time to go check it out!

Run to the pond and a stone camel head will appear. Enter it! That is it for episode 1 of Poptropica Arabian Nights Island!

Arabian Nights Island Cheats Ending

What did you think? Do you like it so far?

Does everyone remember the “Create Your Dream” Island Contest?! Well the winner of that contest is now the person behind the Island, Arabian Nights. You will be taking a journey to an ancient land that features sultans, thieves, and a magical lamp with power that is beyond your imagination.


There will be three episodes to this island just like most of the recent island to come out.

As soon as this island goes live, I will be putting together both the written walkthrough as well as the video walkthrough guide. So remember, for your Poptropica Arabian Island cheats guides, there is no place better than!