Poptropica Mission Atlantis Island Cheats – Episode 1 Into The Deep

In the Poptropica Island, Mission Atlantis Episode 1, the film maker, Cam Jameson, is shooting an underwater movie. He needs your help to get the footage that he needs! Below is the Video Cheats Walkthrough and then below that is the fill written walkthrough!

Mission Atlantis Episode 1 Cheats

When you first get to the island, talk to Cam Jameson. He will give you the Sea Creatures file and then ask you to find the key to the sub so that you guys can film the greatest fish story ever told.

Cheat or Hint: If you go over to the left a bit, you can see the Bubble Sub is locked in a crate. That’s what you need to unlock!

Our first goal now is to find an empty bucket. So go right until you get just pass some rope on the ship deck. You will see three crates. Jump up and keep jumping up until you see a bird’s nest, from the bird’s nest, jump left and then down one platform where you will see a bucket!

Mission Atlantis Cheats Bucket

Click on the bucket and it will tip over onto someones head. If you jump down and talk to the guy, you will find out that he is holding onto the key for the sub. He says you cannot have it because the safety of the crew is at stake.

Now just below you, you will see an octopus, go ahead and click on the octopus and he will fill your empty bucket up with ink!

Mission Atlantis Cheats Ink

Now, remember where we found the bucket and dumped the water on top of the man’s head? Go back there, select the ink bucket from your items list, and you will then dump the ink onto the man! You will then see that he drops the key that you need! Go down there and pick up the key.

Mission Atlantis Cheats Key

Now that we have the key to the sub, we get to drive it! Go back to Cam Jameson and tell him you have the key. Then, unlock the sub and jump in.

Now we are basically going to drive around and when Cam tells us to, we are going to film some creatures. All you need to do when you find the creature he wants you to is keep them in front of the sub! When he tells you that you can stop filming then move on and find the next creature.

The first creature is a sea horse and is pretty much right below you (next to a reef).

Mission Atlantis Cheats Seadragon

You will now you are done filming the creature when the card of the creature is added to the Sea Creature File.

Now go deeper. A new screen should load. When it does, start to go down between the rocks. Down and to the left a bit, you will see another creature called a barreleye stuck between rocks. To get him out and to film him, you need to plug the things that have air bubbles coming out until he is finally released! Just go next to them and click on them!

Mission Atlantis Barreleye

Do this 3 times and he will then be free right above you. Go ahead and go right next to him and face him. To film him, just click on him!

Mission Atlantis Barreleye 2

Now, remember where you first saw the barreleye, there was an arrow pointing to the left between some of the rocks. Go ahead and go to that section!

Mission Atlantis Barreleye 3

This is where you will find the Angler Fish to film him!

Cheats or Hints: The Angler Fish will only show its face to eat! So you must be on top of your filming game.

This part of Mission Atlantis Episode 1 is a bit tricky. Just to your left, you will see you can either go up or down. Go down and you will see a little gold fish in the corner to your left a bit. You should also be able to see the head of the Angler Fish just below you!

Mission Atlantis Angler Fish

Now, one fish will not be enough so we need to find a bunch of them!

Look throughout the rocks for a bunch of these gold fish and just go by them so that they follow you!

Cheats or Hints: Watch out for the purple urchins, if you run into these with fish following you, all of the fish will stop following and you will need to start over!

There are 6 little gold fish in total although I think you only need 3 or 4 to get the Angler Fish Card!

You need to get this little gold fish to follow you down there and then hold the sub steady so that you can get the filming of the Angler Fish!

Mission Atlantis Angler Fish 2

When you have gotten the Angler Fish card, go back to where you found the Barreleye Fish and go right. You will see another opening between some rocks that goes down to the right a bit. Follow this path into the next section!

When you get here, you will see a Rare Purple Cuttlefish swim up and to the right.

Mission Atlantis Cuttlefish

Now, this fish is a bit harder to film. As you will see, the closer you get to it, the more it moves and you can’t get a good shot. You need to get it all the way up to open water where it will let you film it. Do this by swimming by the red Cuttlefish which will move to spots where the purple one wants to move. If the red ones move there first, the purple Cuttlefish will have no choice but to swim to a different spot until you get him to the correct one! I hope that makes sense, if not, check out the video walkthrough at the 5 minute mark!

When you do it right, he will stay in one spot and let you film. This spot is the highest and most to the right of any of the Cuttlefish.

Mission Atlantis Cuttlefish 2

Now we need to get a picture of the Stonefish which is all the way to the bottom of this very section. As you can see, he will not come out if he can see us. Go to the left a bit between all of that yellow stuff and hide until he comes out! Then get the shot you need.

Mission Atlantis Stonefish (1)

Mission Atlantis Stonefish (2)

After you get the shot of the Stonefish, you will see the Hydromedusa swim by you. As you can see now, we need to go to the right into that next section! Follow the Hydromedusa over there.

Go to the right a bit and you will see the Hydromedusa in the middle of the water. Get a good shot of it! Oh no, all of its friends are surrounding you and the sub has now shut down and is now going way to deep!

Mission Atlantis Hydromedusa

When you stop sinking, you will need to start moving right so you can get out of here! Slowly, some things will start to appear out of the darkness. What is it?! Could it be the lost city of Atlantis?

Mission Atlantis Ending

You will now receive your island medallion! How did the cheats walkthrough guide for the Poptropica Mission Atlantis Island Episode 1 help you?!

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