Poptropica Mission Atlantis Island Cheats Walkthrough – Fortress of the Deep

So here is the 2nd part of the Mission Atlantis Island! Episode 2, Fortress of the Deep, has you exploring something incredible that you found at the bottom of the ocean! Find a way inside and try to discover its mysteries.

Mission Atlantis Island – Fortress of the Deep Cheats

When you first get into Episode 2, you will be back in your submarine. Start heading to your right and you will come up to pink see through rod. Go ahead and run into it twice and break it.

You will then come to some markings on the wall, you need to take a picture of them!

Mission Atlantis Island Episode 2 Cheats

Do that and you will see Glyph 1 go into your items bag.

Cheats or Hint: There are 6 Glyphs that we will need to take pictures of throughout Mission Atlantis Island Episode 2! They will help you open the door.

Now continue right and Poptropica will automatically bring you in front of a huge door! You will need to find a way inside.

To open this door, we will need to go to three sections and find an artifact in each. Once we do this, we will be able to open the door. So lets go to the bottom first. Go through the ad screen and when you get to the next section, we will need to solve a puzzle.

To solve this puzzle, you simply need to rotate the different pieces or pipe until they lead to the things within the pipes. Once you have done this, press the big red button on the right and a fish will shoot through releasing that object! Please see the video walkthrough if you are confused.

Mission Atlantis Island Episode 2 Red Button

There are two things to find in this first area and they are both puzzle keys! Once you find both puzzle keys, you will need to arrange the objects so that the fish gets trapped in the big tank to your left!

Once you have done this, we need to go back to the big door and then go to the section on the right. Once you are in this section, right below you will be a bunch of jellyfish. We need to take each one of these jellyfish and place them on the things in the image below!

Mission Atlantis Island Episode 2 Jellyfish

You need to guide the jellyfish over top of these things and they will automatically stick. Do this for all of the jellyfish you see down there!

Cheat or Tip: Do not let the jellyfish touch you or you will get shocked and they will return to where you started!

You will also find 2 puzzle keys in here. The first is in the upper left section through two of the gates and the second is in the lower left section.

Also, the last jellyfish will need to be brought to the tank once you open that section! Please see the video if you are confused. The image below also shows that tank!

Mission Atlantis Island Episode 2 jellyfish tank

Now, once you have taken pictures of the two glyphs from this area, found the two puzzle keys in this area and trapped all of the jellyfish, we need to head to the last section which is the one back to the big door and up!

When we get to this section, we need to take pictures of two glyphs, find two puzzle key pieces and trap the huge goblin fish!

You will see that as you explore, you will pick up small fish that follow you. Once you have atelast three of them, go in front of the goblin fish and it will break out of where it is trapped.

When it does, you will need to rush back to the bottom where you saw the tank and trap him inside!

Cheat or Hint: If you run out of small fish because the goblin fish eats them, he will come for you next! If he gets you, you will need to start this section all over!

Mission Atlantis Island Episode 2 Goblin Fish

Once you have trapped the goblin fish and gotten both glyphs as well as both puzzle keys from this section, go back to the big door! You will see that all of the pieces to the door are now lit up!

Mission Atlantis Island Episode 2 jellyfish tank

Now, when you get to the door, it is time to open it! You need to assemble all of the puzzle key pieces. Once you have done this, go to the glowing spot to the left of the door and click on it. You will then be brought to a screen where you see all of your puzzle pieces as well as the glyph symbols around them.

Spin the puzzle pieces so that they all line up starting from the outside. Once they have lined up and the puzzle smooths out into one image, click on the glyphs in the order that they are numbered when you found them!

If done correctly, the door will open, you will be sucked in and you will get your medallion for Poptropica Mission Atlantis Island, Episode 2 Fortress of the Deep!

See the video walkthrough guide if you are having trouble!