Poptropica Shark Tooth Island Cheats & Walkthrough

Shark Tooth island is the second island that the Poptropica game came out with. In this island, you will be trying to find professor hammerhead. He has been lost at sea and there is a huge shark in the way of being able to get him.

This Poptropica Cheats walkthrough will help you gather a bunch of ingredients which will allow you to make a Calming Potion. This potion will put the shark to sleep and you will be able to rescue the professor as well as an unlucky boy!

Shark Tooth Island Cheats

When you first get to the island, you need to talk to two people right away. The first is the guy at the shark fin shop. He will tell that you need a shark fin to complete your outfit. Take the shark fin from him.

Now just go to your right a bit and talk to the guy outside the coconut cafe. He will tell you to try his carbonated coconut milk. Take that as well!

Shark Tooth island carbonated coconut milk

Now head all the way right to the ancient ruins, when you get here, just to your right a bit you will find a block that you can move. Move this block to the right until it is under the vine like you see below.

Cheat or Hint: Watch out for the round stones falling from the sky! 

Shark Tooth push block

Now climb the vine until you get to two wooden planks. Get on top of the second one and then jump as far to the left as you can. On top of this building you will find a translation key! Pick it up.

Now drop down and enter the building you were just on top of! Head all the way down, then go to the left and head all the way back up to the top right. You will then come to a door that has something that looks like a face to open it.

Click on this and you will see a face like below.

Shark Tooth island open door

You need to spell out the word open using the symbols to open the door! You need to use your translation key to know how to spell it. Once you select the correct symbols, press the button in the middle of the face and the door will open! Look below for the correct combination.

Shark Tooth correct key

Now that the door is open, go through it into the next section. When you get to the opening with a vine next to you, jump on the vine. This next part is a bit tricky. You need to jump onto the thing just on your left where there is a bat girl standing.

Once you get here, jump as far left as you can and keep heading that way. All the way at the bottom to the left, you will find a skeleton of a dinosaur. There will be a bone in his mouth, pick it up!

Shark tooth island bone

Now, when you were coming to this side, there was a swinging platform above the shark statue, you need to go back and get on top of that swinging platform. Then use it to go to the left way up at the top of this area.

shark tooth island swining platform

Now, when you use the swinging platform to get to the left, do not drop down between the spikes. You will have to do this part all over again! Instead, wait for a moving ledge to come over and jump on it. Use that ledge to get to the other side and enter the next section!

Now, jump down and run to your left. At the end, you will find a vine as well as a canvas with some green stuff in it! Pick this up. It is a key ingredient and you need it for later.

shark tooth island key ingredient

Now head up the vine and exit this area! You will now be back at the shark fin shop. Head all the way to your right past the Ancient Ruins to Booga Bay. When you get here, talk to the guy and the grass skirts stand and he will give you one!

Now open your items list and put on the grass skirt.

Shark tooth island grass skirt

Now that we have that, head back to the ancient ruins and push that same block under the same vine as you did before. This time though, instead of stopping at the two wooden platforms, keep climbing all the way up the next vine.

Cheat or Hint: Watch out for the falling round rocks! They will stun you and you could fall all the way to the bottom.

When you get to the new section, keep climbing up the vines as you see them and you will come to the medicine man.

shark tooth island medicine man

He will make a calming potion for you with all of the ingredients we have just collected! Once you have the calming potion, you need to bring it back to Booga Bay. Just jump down to the next section, and then jump all the way to the bottom and head right. Once you are in Booga Bay you will see a girl crying.

shark tooth island cheats girl crying

She will tell you that her son is caught at sea trapped by a monstrous shark! Now head right and use the floating boxes to get to a small island. You will find a cannon here, use this cannon to shoot your calming potion into the water. A huge shark will come up and eat it!

Once he has done this, continue right until you get to a new section. Enter this new section and talk to the old man. It is professor hammerhead! He will have the missing kid with him.

shark tooth island missing kid

Now you need to lead them back to the main land. Head left until you get back to the crying mom. She will thank you for finding her son and professor hammerhead will then give you the gold medallion for the island!

shark tooth island cheats gold medallion

That’s it for the Poptropica Shark Tooth Island Cheats guide. Did you enjoy the island? It was pretty fun and did not take to long.