Poptropicon Island Cheats & Walkthrough – Episode 2 – Spoiler Alert

Poptropicon Episode 2, Spoiler Alert is here! I have put together the written cheats walkthrough for you. Take a look below!

Poptropicon Island, Episode 2, Spoiler Alert Video Walkthrough

Poptropicon Island Cheats Guide

When you first get into Episode 2 of Poptropicon Island, go talk to the guy in front of the wicked cool news sign. He will give you a cell phone which you will use to take pictures that you will use later on.

Poptropicon Episode 2 Cheats (2)

The things you need to take pictures of are all of the pieces to the Omegon Costume. There is a mask a chest piece and a cape.

Now that we have the cell phone, we nee to go talk to Stan Ditko.

Hint or Cheat: Stan Ditko is the man standing in front of the booth with his name plastered all over everything!

Ask him if he has any idea where you can find out what Omegon looks like in the might action force movie. He will say someone else was looking for that as well. Now ask him who it was! He will then tell you that it was Sasha Capone, the webmaster of Wicked Cool News; biggest rival, Totally Rad News.

Now ask Stan what she looks like. Once he tells you, you will see her walk through a doorway on your right. Now head right and enter the door that she just went into.

Hint or Cheat: Do not forget to pick up your free Comic Book cover at Stan’s booth!

Now follow Sasha into the Hallway door. When you do so, you will now have to continue to follow her through 1 of 3 doors four different times! Be sure to follow her and not a look alike. For me, the sequence of doors was as follows: Middle, Right, Right, Left.

Once you have successfully followed her, talk to her and tell her that you are in the market for a picture of Omegon. The tell her that you could scrounge up some loose change for the picture. She won’t have time for that so she just gives you her card instead.

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Now she will leave for a closed viewing of a movie and she will put her phone in a basket before going in. Go to the basket and try to find it. You will not be able to. Now pull out the calling card to see if you can call it. You will be unsuccessful again! Talk to the guy on your left and he will tell you that there is a tech lounge down the hall. Let’s head there! It’s just to the right and up and section.

From the tech lounge, pull out the calling card and try to call Sasha. Her phone will ring. Head over to the basket and get her phone now!

You will now send the photo you need to your phone. It’s the cape of Omegon. Now for the other two pictures.

Leave the hallway and go to the exhibit hallway. When you are here, pull out your comic cover and we need to copy the costume of the archer on the front.

Now leave the exhibit hallway and now we need to find pieces of the costume. We did this in the first episode if you remember. We find people that are wearing the pieces of clothing we need and we pull out the costumizer and grab what we need from them!

The first person we need to go to is Pinata-Man who is right inside the hallway door hanging from the ceiling. We need to grab his chest piece!

Poptropicon Episode 2 Cheats (7)

Now leave the hallway and when you get into this section, jump up to the higher hall. Here you will find a character in front of the “Popular Media Collectibles” sign. She has a magnifying glass. Click on her and copy her!

Poptropicon Episode 2 Cheats (6)

Now jump down and head left to the Demo Area door. Enter it and head right until you get to the knight. Copy his bow.

Poptropicon Episode 2 Cheats (1)

Now leave the Demo Area and go to the theater which is on your left. Go to the boy on the left of the stage and there is a boy sitting in a chair. Copy his mask!

Poptropicon Episode 2 Cheats (4)

Now our costume is complete. Let’s head back to the exhibit hall. Jump onto the exhibit thing and let it play out!

Poptropicon Island Cheats  (1)

When everyone leaves, jump down from the stand you are on and make your way to the second floor in this room. Now take a picture of Omegon’s mask in the glass case!

Poptropicon Island Cheats  (3)

Now leave this area and go to the demo area. Talk to the lady in front of the “mighty action force card game” booth. She will give you a copy of the game. We need to get good because in order to get the last piece of Omegon’s costume, we need to win a few games.

Poptropicon Island Cheats  (2)

Hint or Cheat: Please watch the video on how to win! Main goal is to get 13 gems!

Once we have won the first game, we need to look for more cards to strengthen our deck for the next game! Please watch the video to see where all of these cards are! It is hard to explain.

There will be three people that you will need to play to get the last piece of the Omegon Costume. After the last person, which you can find in the video, we can get our new costume. Return to the red haired guy in the main hallway. He will give you all of the pieces you need for the Omegon Costume. Now we just need to put the costume on!

Now we need to enter the theater and the costume contest will begin! After the contest you will get the medallion for completing Poptropicon Island episode 2, Spoiler Alert.

Poptropicon Episode 2

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