Poptropicon Island Cheats & Walkthrough – Episode 1

Poptropicon Island is the newest island on Poptropica and has you dressing up for the biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention in Poptropica. There are a ton of things you need to do in the 1st Episode and it will take you about 15 minutes! So check out the cheats walkthrough guide below to get through the new island!

Below you will find the video cheats walkthrough and below that you will find the full written walkthrough!

Poptropica Poptropicon Island Cheats

The first thing you need to do when you get to the island is head right until you get to the woman that looks like the image below.

Poptropicon Island Cheats (1)

We need to get that extra ticket that she is holding on to. How can we do that? You guessed it. We need to dress ourselves up like the man she is waiting for!

We are going to visit a few people and copy their outfits so that we look just like the guy she is waiting for.

The first person is just to your right! She looks like the person in the image below!

Poptropicon Island Cheats (2)

We need to copy the staff she is carrying. To do this, click on your menu, and then on the t-shirt icon. All of the people will now be highlighted. Click on the lady and then select her staff and click the green check mark! We will now be carrying the same staff!

Cheats or Hints: Make sure you know how to copy other peoples outfits like you just did above. You will be doing this a lot throughout this island walkthrough!

Now, we need to find the next guy. He is right above you and to the left a bit. He is the one pushing on the soda machine because it took his money.

Poptropicon Island Cheats (3)

Now we need to copy his beard to our own costume. Go ahead and do that! Just do the left of this guy, you will see a trash can with some empty soda bottles. Pick these up. We will need them for later!

The next person we need is actually on the top of this building. She is dressed like a witch. We need to copy her witch hat! Go ahead and do that.

Poptropicon Island Cheats (4)

There is one last person we need to copy! She is eating pizza at Pepe’s Pizza Puffs which is in the next section to your left. We need to copy her shirt.

Poptropicon Island Cheats (5)

Now that we look like the individual that woman was waiting for, we can go ahead and get the ticket from her! Go back to the entrance of Poptropicon and talk to the woman again.

She will tell you that she would give you the ticket if you gave here what you promised. Head all the way back to the left to the restrooms which is two sections over. Talk to the guy that is dressed just like you!

He says he left the object in question in the bathroom! Now we need to get in there. As you can see, the people will not let you cut in line. So instead, talk to them and they will ask you questions and ask you to do stuff for them in order to have their spot in line.

The first person wants to know who played Thor in that old viking movie. So lets head back to the right all the way past the convention center to the next section. You will come to a guy next to a catapult and on the wall you will see who played Thor in that movie! It was Bucky Lucas.

Cheats or Hints: Just to the left of this area, you will see a dumpster with some trash in it. You will also see some backpack straps in that dumpster. Grab them! We will need them later!

Now head back to the bathroom line but on the way, stop at the guy in the image below and copy his beard and his facial expression!

Poptropicon Island Cheats (6)

Now keep heading to the bathroom but stop at the Forge of Finery and copy the guys body armor who is standing in front of the booth!

Poptropicon Island Cheats (9)

Now keep going towards the bathroom and talk to the woman and tell her that Bucky Lucas played Thor!

Once you have done that, copy the next persons cape!

Poptropicon Island Cheats (8)

Now talk to her and she will tell you that you can have her spot if you find out what time the Cosplay Contest is!

Now head left all the way to the Poptropicon Entrance again and go up to where you saw the guy hitting the soda machine. Now go left a bit and you will see a poster on the wall that says the Cosplay Contest is at Noon!

Poptropicon Island Cheats (7)

Now we need to head all the way back to the bathroom but before you go and tell the person that the contest is at noon you need to copy the first persons hat!

Yes, this was the first person we passed in line but its ok! Just copy her hat and our outfit is complete! We are Thor just without the hammer which we will get later!

Now tell the person that the contest is at noon and she will give you her spot in line. Once you have done that, click on the next person in line and he will tell you that in order to get his spot, you need to find the power amulet. He also says that the cheetah bandit has it!

Lets head back to the right into the second section over (past the Forge of Finery) and right there on top of the bus you will see the cheetah bandit!

You will find out that she will not just give you the power amulet but instead, you need to earn it! How can you do this? Well, you need to beat her to the top of the water tower.

Cheats or Hints: Until I get the video up, you will have to try and beat her yourself! It’s really hard to tell you each place you need to jump in order to beat her to the top.

Now, when you beat her to the top of the water tower, she will give you the power amulet. Once you have it, go back to the left to the bathrooms. When you get there, open your items menu and put the Power Amulet on.

The third guy in line will see this and will you how truly powerful you are! He will then give you his place in line.

It’s time to see what the fourth guy wants for his spot in line! He will tell you that if you give him the Fremulon mask from the booth, he will then give you his spot in line!

Now head back to the right until you get to the Space Jaunt booth. Talk to the guy in the middle and ask him if you can learn how to speak fremulon. He will give you a fremulon pamphlet. This pamphlet will show you how you can speak Fremulon when people ask you certain questions.

It’s time to get the mask now. Talk to the last guy on the right at the Booth and he will tell you that if you can carry on a conversation in Fremulon, then he will give you the mask!

He is going to ask you the first question, you answer with “Scrum Bellazugh”. Answer the second question with “Bemblex Zup Amfrozan”. The third answer you will need to tell him is “Blurge Scrashble Bellazagur”.

After the conversation, he will give you the mask from the statue!

Cheats or Hints: Go just to your right and jump on top of the Forge of Finery. Here you will find watch parts. We will need these for later!

Now Run back to your left and give the mask to the guy in line that asked for it! You will need to open your items menu and actually give it to him!

We are now at the last person in line. She tells you that she has a broken jetpack and if we fix it for her, we get her spot in line! She will give you some instructions on how to do this.

Open the instructions to take a look. We should already have all of the pieces we need from picking them up earlier. So head to the Forge of Finery just to your right.

When the booth opens and you can make the jetpack choose the items in the following order:

  • Backpack straps
  • The glue
  • The soda bottles
  • Glue again
  • Watch parts
  • Spray paint

Once you have made the jetpack, run back to the lady at the bathrooms and give her the jetpack. She will then fly into the sky and you are first in line! Click on the door to the bathroom. A guy will pop out and talk to you.

When he is done talking, go into the bathroom and you will come out with a Mjolnir or Thor’s Hammer!

It’s time to run back to the lady with the extra ticket. On your way there, stop at the Forge of Finery and click on the guy. We need to copy his body piece again because when we put on the Power Amulet, it took it off.

Now run to the lady to your right with the extra ticket. She will then tell you that the deal is off! Oh no. Well, lets find another way inside. Go to your right all the way to that catapult.

Pull out the hammer you got and then talk to the guy at the catapult. He will think that you are Thor! He will then leave and all we need to do is get into the catapult. Jump on it three times and then click on the lever!

We will then receive the medallion for Poptropicon Island Episode 1 and the catapult will then launch you into the window! We have found our other way in!

What did you think of Episode 1 for Poptropicon Island!? I thought there was a lot going on but it was still fun.