Survival Island Cheats & Walkthrough – Episode 2 Hook, Line & Sinker

Here is the cheats walkthrough guide for Survival Islands Episode 2, Hook, Line & Sinker. This is the 2nd episode of 5 in one of Poptropica’s biggest islands! I hope the video and written walkthroughs help you get through the island quickly!

Survival Island Cheats – Episode 2 – Hook, Line & Sinker

When you first start the island, you will be climbing down a rope. When you get down from this rope, your main goal is going to be finding something to eat! Catching a fish will satisfy your hunger!

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Cheat or hint: Throughout this whole island, you can find more pages to your handbook. However, because you will know what to do already, you will not be needing the handbook for guidance!

First you are going to want to jump down onto the ground and just to your left you will see a rock on the ground. Flip it up and you will find worms!

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Continue to the left and all the way to the end you will find a Fishing suit on a tree stump. Pick that up and put it on! Now just to the right from where you found the suit, you will see a log covering an opening in the ground. Lift that log up and jump down the opening.

Once you are on the bottom, go left into the next section. From here, continue left and jump on over to the beaver damn. Now it’s time for a little mini game. In this mini game, you will need to get the water level down in order to get the fishing hook! To view how this mini game is played and to ultimately get the fishing hook you need, please watch the video below!

Basically all you need to do is jump to the log that is above the hole the beavers are trying to fix!

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Once you have the fishing hook, continue to your left and exit the beaver damn area and continue left into the next section of Survival Island Episode 2.

When you get to the next section over, the first tree on your left has a fishing pole on it just a few branches up! Use the branches to jump up and grab it.

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Now continue left and on the ground you will soon see another rock. Get on the left side of this rock and push it down to the right until it fills the gap between the large rocks on the ground.

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Cheat or Tip: You will need to push this rock 3 times to get it where it needs to be!

Now head left and you will soon come to a tree that you can see the beavers chewed on and it is leaning. Jump to the top of this tree (it’s short) and push it over so that it leans up to the cliff just above you where you will find a round boulder.

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Now jump to the left side of this boulder and push it down the tree you just pushed over! The boulder will roll all the way to the ice and break it giving you open water!

Now continue left into the section section of the island. In this section, you are going to need to push over three trees that the beaver have chewed on! You will need to push all of these to your left.

Cheats or hints: On the last tree, you will need to climb the tree to its right in order to push it over!

When you push the last tree over, it will land in the water! Go ahead and jump on it and it will start to move to the left. Your goal is to get to the boot hanging from the tree just to your left. If the log stops before you get there, just jump up and down to your left. The log moves with the momentum from the direction you are jumping!

When you get to the boot, jump up and grab it! You will get a shoelace.

Now continue left and just on the other side of the pond you are on, jump up the first tree you see. When you get to the top, jump over to the second tree. You will see something in this tree. Head into your inventory and use your fish hook. Now you will want to equip your fishing pole. Use your fishing pole to grab the other shoelace in this tree!

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Hint or cheat: To use the fishing pole, press the space bar!

Now it is time to head all the way back to the right to where we pushed the boulder to break the ice! When you get here, pull out your inventory and use the second shoelace as well as the worms!

Now go ahead and drop your fishing line down into the water. You will catch a fish!

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That will be it for Episode 2 of Poptropica’s Survival Island, Hook, Line, & Sinker! I hope this walkthrough guide helped you get through it!