Monkey Wrench Island Cheats & Walkthrough

Poptropica just released an island called Monkey Wrench Island which can be found on your “Home Island” on the Poptropica map. This island was created to be a bit shorter and is a different approach than normal. I think Poptropica is looking to gain some new users and are going back to the basics of the game! Below you will find the full written and video walkthrough cheats guide of Monkey Wrench Island. I hope it helps you get through it quickly!

Poptropica Monkey Wrench Island Walkthrough

When you first enter your Home Island, click on the girl next to the plane. She will ask if you are ready to race. Tell her yes and you will find yourself flying in a plane. If you ask her where you are, you will find that you are flying above all of Poptropica and you are about to participate in a race. Tell her “Let’s Go” and the race will begin.

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We are going to race to win credits and the medallion. Simply tell the manager of the race you are ready to start and the race will begin! Not long after this, the Red Baroness (another racer) will appear and throw a wrench at your plane. Next thing you know you have crash landed on an island. Monkey Wrench Island!

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When you wake up you will see a monkey. Follow him into the next section of the island where you will find the plane and your co-pilot hanging from the trees. Now follow the monkey up the rock formations and onto the plane. We are going to jump on the plane to get it to the ground. 3 jumps should be enough to do this!

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Once the plane is on the ground we need to go back to the last section and get the wrench that the crab took. All you need to do here is go stand on the left side of the left rock to tilt it up towards the middle and the monkey will do the opposite on the right side. The crab will be stuck and will drop the wrench after awhile.

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Now pick up the wrench and head back to the plane. Use it to fix the plane and you will start the plane up and begin to take off. Oh no! The plane seems to have broke down. Head right into the next section of Monkey Wrench Island. You will see that there is a castaway retreat or tropical resort here! Go over to the reception area and ring the bell to get someones attention.

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A man will come to the desk and tell you a whole story about how he got to the island. He will tell you that he can help you get back into the race if you get him three things, a rope, some cloth and a refreshing fruit drink. First, let’s try to get the fruit drink with the huge juice maker in front of us! You will see that it needs fruit to make the juice and you will also see a bunch of fruit up to the left that a monkey is trying to push. We need to help them get this free! There will be a lever up and to the right that we need to push on to do this!

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Cheats or Hints: Watch the Monkey Wrench Walkthrough video if you are confused as to what to do!

Click on that lever and you will see the fruit begin to move. But it gets stuck on a branch and the line breaks. You will drop down through the little slide and the broken rope will fall right behind you. Pick it up! You will also see that all of the fruit fell out just like it was supposed to! Now head to where the fruit dropped and push it down the little slot in the middle.

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Once you have pushed all 5 pieces of fruit into the slot, head down to the lever next to your co-pilot and press it. A fruit drink will drop out when the machine is done. Pick it up. Next, head up to the torn cloth that the fruit was being held in and pick that up.

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Once you have this it completes the list of items you needed to give to the guy. Head back down and talk to him giving him all three items! Now he will leave and you need to go find out what is taking him so long to come back. Go up and to your right and you will see that he made a hammock with the materials you gave him!

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Now he will give you plans on how to make a blimp but they seem very bad! Take a look just to your right and you will find the real plans of the blimp being held by the monkey.

Cheats or Hints: This is where the Poptropica Blimp actually came from! How cool is that?

Now you will see that the monkeys have made the blimp for you and you can take it to finish the race! You will see that you are very close to the Red Baroness and to go faster you will need to drop the bags from the bottom of the Blimp. Continue to do this and you will see that the Red Baroness will try to throw things at you to stop you from winning. After the last bag has dropped you are still too heavy. So take out the wrench from your inventory and throw it at Red Baroness! Darn. You are still too heavy! You need to get Crusoe to throw his drink!

He will tell you there is still some left and all you need to do here is ask him if you can at least give him a refill. Once you get the drink you will throw it at the Red Baroness and then Crusoe will drop out from your Blimp into the other plane which slows them down! You win the race. You will now get the Monkey Wrench Island medallion.

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How did you like this island? Was it fun? Did you get through it ok? I hope you come back for the next Poptropica Island to view my cheats walkthrough guide.