Poptropica Cheats & Walkthroughs

Looking for Poptropica cheats and full island walkthroughs? On this page you will find all of the cheats and walkthrough guides that I have put together for your convenience.

Poptropica Cheats

There are not really any cheats in the Poptropica game. When people talk about cheats, they are most likely referring to island guides are little hints and tips on how to get past certain parts of the different islands.

If you do actually cheat within the game, you will most likely get a band from playing Poptropica and if you are a member, will get that membership revoked with no chance in getting your money back.

With that said, i strongly advice against cheating and I encourage simply asking and looking for help!

Poptropica Island Walkthroughs

I know I do not have all of the island walkthroughs put together just yet. But I am planning on getting them all done! The great news is I will have all of the newest island walkthroughs completed for you and they will be found at the top of this list. So for the full Poptropica Island walkthroughs, please see below!

Also, most of these full written walkthoughs will have a link and an embed of the video walkthrough!

Monkey Wrench Island
Escape From Pelican Rock Island
Timmy Failure Island
Mystery of the Map Island
Galactic Hotdogs Island
Arabian Nights Island Episode 1 – How Bazaar
Arabian Nights Island Episode 2 – Lair of Thieves
Poptropicon Island Episode 1 – Line Forms Here
Poptropicon Island Episode 2 – Spoiler Alert
Poptropicon Island Episode 3 – Reign of Omegon
Mission Atlantis Island Episode 1 – Into the Deep
Mission Atlantis Island Episode 2 – Fortress of the Deep
Mission Atlantis Island Episode 3 – Out of the Blue
Survival Island Episode 1 – Crash Landing
Survival Island Episode 2 – Hook Line & Sinker
Survival Island Episode 3 – Distress Signal
Mocktropica Island
Shrink Ray Island
Shark Tooth Island
Early Poptropica Island

That is it for all of the Poptropica Island Walthroughs! Remember to keep coming back as I will always be adding to this list.