Poptropicon Island Cheats & Walkthrough – Episode 3 – Reign of Omegon

Hello everyone! Poptropicon Episode 3 is finally here! This island is called Reign of Omegon and as you can probably guess has Omegon taking over PoptropiCon. He will not stop until he’s transformed everyone into a hench-bot. It is our job to battle Omegon and free the convention people! See below for a full written and video walkthrough of Poptropicon Island, Reign of Omegon.

Episode 3 Reign of Omegon Cheats

To start, you will wake up in the basement of the convention center and someone will tell you what has happened. The basement is where the last of the resistance is located! When you are ready, get up and head left grabbing the energy drink on the table and then jumping out and exiting the basement through the vent above the table.

Once in this next room. You will find a ton of laser beams. We need to get to the other side of this room to find a shield which will help us get past these lasers and save the archer trapped in the cage.

Poptropicon Epoisode 3 cheats (1)

Hint or Cheats: Please see the video if you need help getting to the other side of the room!

Once you have the shield, you can use it by clicking on it in the bottom left hand corner and then pressing (not holding) the space bar. Do this while under the laser beams and it will bounce them off at a right angle. Our goal her is to destroy all of the power boxes which will then deactivate the lasers around the cage freeing the prisoner! There are three of them in this room! See the video for how to do this correctly please!

Once you have done this, go over to the cage and press the red button freeing the prisoner. Now exit this area the same way you came in. As a reward, the archer will give you her bow once you are back in the basement.

Poptropicon Epoisode 3 cheats (4)

Now we need to use the “Expo” vent to exit the basement. Once in the expo area, jump down and head right. You will see there are a few people that we will need to save in this room! When you get onto the third barrel, click on the bow in the bottom left hand corner and be facing right. Then click the space bar. Your bow will shoot an arrow and destroy a green crystal.

Poptropicon Epoisode 3 cheats (5)

Hint or Cheats: By destroying these green crystals, you will cause all of the green barriers to go down freeing the prisoners.

After you destroy the first one, you need to jump up to the second level and push down a box. Push it down to the right all the way to the bottom level. If you need help, please see the video walkthrough! Jump on this box facing right to shoot the next crystal.

Poptropicon Epoisode 3 cheats (6)

Poptropicon Epoisode 3 cheats (2)

The third crystal is in the way top right of the level, you will have to go to the top level, find another box, push it to the right a bit using it to jump to the next platform. Facing right, shoot another arrow!

Reign of Omegon Cheats

Now we need to go all the way under where we just where and pull out our shield redirecting the laser beam to destroy the power box above the top floor (Align the laser beam to go through the hole in the level above you). Please see the video if you are confused!

Reign of Omegon Cheats (2)

Once you have done this, go up to the prisoner in the laser cage and press the red button freeing him. Once he is freed, follow him through the vent back to the basement where we will get unpowered electron pulse gauntlets for freeing him.

Now go back through the Expo vent, equipping the gauntlets if you haven’t already, and clicking on the power back where it says “Caution”. By doing this you will power the gauntlets.

Poptropicon Cheats

Now, to free this man, click on the blue triangle on this machine! He will give you an energy drink for freeing him. Once you are done here, exit this room through the vent and then use the vent leading to the Exhibit Room. This is the room we feed the first person in.

In this room, we are going to use the gauntlets to power the vending machine on the far right. This will allow us to get another energy drink which we need to continue! Once you have the third energy drink, exit this room through the vent you entered with.

Poptropicon Reign of Omegon Cheats (2)

Now enter the vent leading into the theater. You will see that we need to free yet another prisoner but this time, we will be using a combination of all three of our items, the gauntlets, the bow, and the shield!

Hint or Cheats: Please see the video on what you need to do in this room if you cannot figure it out! It is very hard to talk you through it.

In this room, you will first need to use the gauntlets to power the moving platforms destroying the green crystals when getting even with them and destroying the power boxes when you see them.

Poptropicon Island Episode 3 Cheats (3)

Poptropicon Island Episode 3 Cheats (1)

Poptropicon Island Episode 3 Cheats (2)

All it takes is destroying 1 power box and 2 crystals and you will be able to free the prisoner by hitting the red button! Once he is free, follow him out of this room and back in the basement, he will give you a shield to replace your other one. This prisoner was the last one you needed to save.

Poptropicon Cheats Episode 3

Now Omegon will appear and you will realize that you have been set up! To destroy him and send him back where he came from, we will need to overload the Omegon Crystal. We need to go to Omegon’s throne room to find the crystal and overpower it!

To get here, use the vent going to the theater. Now head to the right and use the lift (By using your gauntlets) to go to the top. Once here, head left and use your shield to destroy the power box. Now head all the way back down and go all the way to the left and you will enter a room with Omegon’s Crystal in it. Here is where we will use our energy drinks by placing one on each plug.

Reign of Omegon Walkthrough (2)

After adding all three energy drinks, power each triangle up and shoot an arrow at the crystal by standing on the platform just to your right. We will now have banished Omegon. Or have we? We will now be taken into spacetime where we will truly battle Omegon.

Reign of Omegon Walkthrough (3)

How to defeat Omegon in Poptropicon Island Reign of Omegon

To defeat Omegon, we will need to deflect the laser beams onto the bottom of the hand platforms. When they fall, power them up with your gloves, ride them up to Omegon and use your arrow to destroy the green crystals! Once all of them are destroyed, you will then need to use your shield to destroy the glowing pink energy shields. Once you have done this you will have defeated Omegon!

That is if for Poptropicon Island, Episode 3, Reign of Omegon. I hope my cheats walkthrough helped you defeat Omegon without spending hours on the island!