Shrink Ray Island Walkthrough & Cheats

Looking for the walkthrough guide of Poptropica Shirk Ray Island?! We have a great written cheats guide for you to check out below! First, let’s talk about what Shrink Ray Island is all about! In this adventure, you will have a run in with a girl who is a genius to say the least. She has developed a shrink ray which is suddenly gone missing. It is your responsibility to make sure the shrink ray does not fall into the wrong hands!

Poptropica Shrink Ray Island Walkthrough

When you first get to the island, head to your right and enter the school building doors. These will be the first set of doors you come to. Once you enter the school building, head to your right and enter the door that says “Science Fair” on it. When you have entered the Science Fair, head to your right until you get to the man wearing red with a weird mustache. He is the teacher in charge of the Science Fair. Ask him the third option which is “Do you think she’s just running late?”.

Shrink-Ray-Island-Walkthrough (1)

After he is done answering you, head just barely to the right and talk to the dad of the girl in question. He is the one on the right. Ask if you can help with anything.

Now run to your left and exit the Science Fair as well as the school building. Once outside, head to your right into the next section. Continue right and enter the house with the orange cat in front of it. Once inside, you will need to chase the cat.

Shrink-Ray-Island-Walkthrough (2)

Hint or Cheats: The cat will run into the kitchen, then the bathroom. Follow him wherever he goes!

Once the cat exits the bathroom, you will realize he is not in the house any more. Now head left, past the exit, and click on the microscope. You will now have a little hint as to what has happened! “My invention’s been stolen! Trust no one. Everything you need to know is in the house. Think small. CJ”.

Shrink-Ray-Island-Walkthrough (3)

Once you read that and exit from the microscope, a stranger will appear and does not like what you are doing. He will shoot you with a shrink ray and now you will be tiny!

Now we need to start getting a bit higher. To start, jump on top of the dresser and then over to the fan on your right. Once the fan gets to the bottom, click on the red button on the back of the fan which will turn it on. It will blow some dust off of an object that is under the bed. Now turn the fan off and go grab the object which you will find out is a Thumb Drive!

Shrink-Ray-Island-Walkthrough (5)

Cheats or hints: I will be doing this walkthrough in the order of the story! There may be shortcuts you can take by doing things in a different order!

Once you have the Thumb Drive, head to the right all the way to the kitchen. Once you are in the kitchen, use the letters on the refrigerator to jump up to the ice tray and look on top of the refrigerator. You will see a remote that we need to get!

Shrink-Ray-Island-Walkthrough (6)

Now jump down and head just to your right where you will see two drawers sticking out. Jump to the second drawer and grab the screw driver sitting there.

Shrink-Ray-Island-Walkthrough (7)

Now jump up to the counter and head right into the next section of the kitchen. Once here, you will see that there is a note we need to get. To get it, push the rolling pin just in front of you. This will push the kettle to the next burning which will then begin to steam. Use the steam to jump way up onto the shelf with the flour and sugar on it. When you get on the shelf, push over the bottle of oil and then jump all the way down to the floor.

Shrink-Ray-Island-Walkthrough (8)

Go to the right of whiskers food bowl if you are not already. Now push it all the way to where the oil is dripping on the ground. Now, use the drawers on the left to jump to the top of the counter again and go right over to the cat food and jump on it. You will see some cat food spill out of the bad. Do this at least three times to fill the cat bowl all the way.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island-Cheats (1)

Hint or cheats: If the cat bowl is not full enough, you will not be able to get to the top of the table where the letter is.

Now, jump down to the left of the cat food bowl and push it all the way over to just under the letter. Now use it to jump up and grab the letter!

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island-Cheats (2)

When you do this, a grape will drop just on your left. Grab the grape and head all the way to your left into the section we just came from. When you get to the next section, continue left until you get to the toaster. Go ahead and plug it into the wall.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island-Cheats (3)

Once plugged in, pick the grape back up and jump onto the handle of the toaster. You will now be on a shelf with a bunch of wooden spoons. Go right to the salt shaker and push it all the way left until it is pushed on top of the spatula laying on the shelf. Once the salt shaker is on the spatula, jump up to the object holding the wooden spoons and then jump way up and onto the other end (The right side) of the spatula.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island-Cheats (4)

The salt shaker will then launch into the air, come back down, and then launch you to the top of the refrigerator! We can now grab the remote control we saw earlier.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island-Cheats (5)

Once you have grabbed the remote, drop down to the floor again and run to the right. Push the green sponge all the way to the power clean spray, use the sponge and the power clean spray to jump up and into the garbage.

Cheats or Hints: For this next part, please watch the walkthrough video below! It is very difficult to do a written walkthrough for this part of Shrink Ray Island!

Once you have the torn page from the garbage which you will need for the diary, exit the garbage. You can also watch the walkthrough video above to see how to get out of the garbage!

Once you are out, head to the left into the next section. Stop in front of the toy truck and take out your screw driver. You will take the battery out. Once you have the battery, jump just up to your left and place the battery into the tv remote. Once the battery is in the remote, jump on the green button!

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island-Waklthrough (1)

This will turn on the tv which will create static in the antennas. Now, jump onto the tv and climb one of the antennas to become static which will allow you to stick to the balloons. Now, drop back down (still on top of the tv), point your mouse at the green balloon, third star from the right, and jump. Your goal is to get to the “Poshville Boardwalk” picture frame.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island-Waklthrough (3)

From the picture frame, jump to the shelf on your left and push the fish food all the way to the left until food starts coming out of the top. Make sure to let a bunch of food drop. This will feed the fish.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island-Waklthrough (4)

Now jump down and into the fish tank. Turn off the the filter just on the right (From green to red), and then grab the key in the fish tank. Now drop down onto the carpet and run right, into the bathroom.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island-Waklthrough (5)

Once in the bathroom, use the drawers to jump up and onto the right light switch which will shut off the ventilation fan. Now jump over to the left, on top of the hot water faucet knob. walk to the right to turn it on. This will steam up the bathroom. You will notice something on the mirror!

Hint or Cheats: The writing on the mirror is a=4, i=1, and e=3. We will need these codes for later!

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island-Waklthrough (7)

Now, jump over to your left and get on top of the hair dryer. You will want to stand on the right side of it to make it angle up and to the left a bit. Now press one of the buttons on the hair dryer. It will turn on. Use the wind it is creating to jump way up and to the left into the shower or tub.

When you get into the shower, you will land on the soap bar. Go to the left of of the soap and push it off of the little shelf it is on. Once the soap has dropped, jump over to the right and turn on the faucet. This will fill up the tub.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island-Waklthrough (8)

Drop down into the water and push the soap to the left all the way to the rubber duck. Use the soap to jump over the duck. Head over to your left past the toilet and read the magazine called “Cracked”.

Now head out of the bathroom (Watch the video if you are having troubles getting out!). We need to find out who she (CJ) admires so we can crack the code!

When you exit the bathroom, go ahead and head left into CJ’s room which is simply in the next section. When you get in here, jump onto the chair. Use it to bounce up onto the computer and then onto the thermostat above you. On the thermostat, run left until it turns red.

Shrink-Ray-Island (1)

Now jump off to your left and head into the next section of the Poptropica Island! When you get into this section you will see that the heat is on. Knock the trash can over on top of the heater vent and you will see the trash pieces start to float. Use the trash to take a look at the poster on the wall for who CJ admires!

Hint or Cheat: The person she admires is named Marie Curie who is a polish-french scientist!

Shrink-Ray-Island (3)

Now head back to your right into the next section and jump onto the computer. We are going to enter our code now. Once on the computer, type with your keyboard: m4r13 cur13.

Shrink-Ray-Island (4)

Now you will see an email CJ sent to the individual that stole the shrink ray. Once you have red the email, jump up and to the right onto a shelf that is holding her diary. Jump on top of the diary and get your diary key out from your items. Use it to unlock the diary. You will now see a page is torn out of the diary. Use the page we have in our inventory to complete the page!

Shrink-Ray-Island (7)

You will now see a message on the page and then a drawing with a lemon, light and paper on it. Jump just to your left onto the lamp you see on the desk and keep jumping until the light bulb is fairly close to the desk. Turn the lamp on once it is close. Now jump down under the light bulb of the lamp and take out the piece of paper you have in your inventory. You will see a hidden message: “Look for me in the telescope. School coordinates.”

Shrink-Ray-Island-Poptropica-Cheats (4)

Now we need to head to the left into the next section where we just came from. Use the trash that is floating to get to the other side of the bed. Pick up the morse code guide right on the other side of the bed.

Shrink-Ray-Island-Poptropica-Cheats (2)

Now jump up to the telescope. We need to enter some coordinates for the school which can be found on the board hanging on the wall. But I will just give them to you! They are X=87 and Y=16.

Cheats or Hints: Use the dials on the telescope to enter the coordinates. Running left should increase the number and running right will decrease it!

Shrink-Ray-Island-Poptropica-Cheats (3)

Once you have entered the coordinates, go to the right side of the telescope and look through it. Now we need to translate the morse code message CJ is going to give us. A short burst of light is equal to a dot on the morse code translator and a long burst of light is a dash. Simply click on the letter she is trying to send you!

Hints of Cheats: The message will say “Flush the thumb drive”. Please go through the whole message just in case you cannot finish the Poptropica Island without doing so!

Shrink-Ray-Island-Poptropica-Cheats (5)

Once you have read the letter, head to your right, into the next section, and jump up to the laptop again. Pull out the Thumb Drive from your inventory and you will start to create a backup of it before we flush it!

Shrink-Ray-Island-Poptropica-Cheats (6)

Now it is time to flush the thumb drive down the toilet. So head to the right until you get to the bathroom and enter it! Go over to the toilet on your left using the hair dryer and swimming through the bath tub. Jump up to the toilet and simply take out the thumb drive from your inventory. Now jump up to the handle using the toilet paper. That will slush the toilet.

Shrink-Ray-Island-Poptropica-Cheats (7)

Since we have done what CJ wanted, we need to get back to the telescope to see what we need to do next. Remember that the coordinates you need for the telescope are X=87 and Y=16. Once you have set the coordinates, we need to decode another message from CJ.

Cheats or Hints: This message is “Thief is Mr. Silva”, her teacher. Please decode the whole message as I am not sure if you can complete Shrink Ray island if you do not!

Shrink-Ray-Island-Poptropica-Cheats (8)

Now it is time go save CJ. We are going to use the remote control car from earlier to get to the school! First we need to do something in CJ’s room though. go to the right until you get to the bookshelf. Jump all the way to the top and push the book, Tess’s Tree, off the left side of the bookshelf.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island (1)

Now, head to your right all the way to the living room until you get to the coffee table. Jump up to the remote and grab the battery out of it. Once you have the battery, jump down to your right until you get to the truck. Look in your inventory and use the battery on the truck.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island (2)

Now start driving to your left! Keep driving until you get close to where that book dropped and then Poptropica will automatically launch you off the book and out the window! Now it is time for a mini game! Simply drive the truck around all of the obstacles until you get to the school. If you need help with this, please take a look at the video walkthrough of Shrink Ray island!

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island (3)

How To Beat Shrink Ray Island

Once you get to the school and in the window, head to your left and talk to CJ. Ask her “What should we do?”. Once you are done talking, Mr. Silva will find you and you will need to run for it. You will automatically run left and CJ will run right. Now you will p[lay another little mini game. Mr. Silva will try to hit you with the Shrink ray and you will need to run left, hiding behind things to avoid being hit by the Skrink Ray.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island (5)

Hints or Cheats: Use the first stack of books to hide behind and then the trophy. Then just left off the trophy, jump up twice and then jump right.

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island (6)

Hide behind the globe next. Once he shrinks the globe it will drop down. Jump down with it, push it right just a bit and then hide behind the purple beaker. Now push the globe just a bit farther and then use it to jump up to the chair and finally onto the desk. hide behind the apple once you get here. After he shrinks the apple, run right and hide behind the mirror! This will defeat Mr. Silva!

Poptropica-Shrink-Ray-Island (8)

Now jump down to the Shrink Ray and talk to CJ. Run to your right and click the button on the Shrink Ray which will then make you large again! That is it for Poptropica Shrink Ray island! I hope my cheats walkthrough guide helped you.

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